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Hello Carol, the various species of wild birds that eat seed are never dependant on feeders.  Add to this during  late summer and early fall , many species of birds find plenty of native seeds to forage on. Also the nesting season is done and a lot of birds and their young disperse and roam further from their more confined breeding territories. Also taking your feeders down  for awhile due to rodent infestation, (   the nonnative rats are very common in  the Northbay counties) though prudent ,will take time for birds to refind and visit as a food source again.  The  smoke was terrible for the last weeks, most days it was high above the ground and I have  not heard nor observed my self in the field a lack of bird species . In fact birds have been very abundant in various habitats ..Additional birds due to fall migration  going on and maybe some additional birds that may be refugees due to the burning fires to the North.     Scott Carey, Graton, Ca.

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Has anyone else suffered a decline in backyard birds after so many days of unhealthy air? I had to close my feeders down for a month to deal with an infestation of rodents, and when I put them back up, I didn't get my usual return. No finches of any kind and very few Oak Titmice, White Breasted Nuthatch, Chestnut Backed Chickadees and woodpeckers. I'm asking because I've read that birds have died from smoke inhalation.

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