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Bringing together Nordhavn owners from all corners of the Seven Seas

With over 800 members, this group is for owners of Nordhavn yachts, and we believe that 90-95% of the world's Nordhavn owners are members. Our membership includes Nordhavn owners, captains, former owners, and other members of the Nordhavn family including more than a dozen distinguished Expert Members.  

Nordhavn Owners Group is a free, non-commercial forum where owners, new and old, can connect with other owners and learn more about their own Nordhavns. NOG’s focus is serving as a members’ clearinghouse for ideas, opinions, advice, counsel, and personal experiences, and for exchanging information involving all things Nordhavn, including crossing oceans, coastal cruising, seamanship, anchoring and ground tackle, navigation, boatkeeping, electronics, electrical systems, engines, transmissions, generators, other equipment, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and improvements, living aboard, weather, and other subjects of particular interest to those of us who own and cruise aboard  Nordhavn yachts.


If you're looking for answers or help in solving a problem, you'll find it easy to use this group to connect with other owners and have your questions answered.  When posting a question, be specific--and please be sure to include your Nordhavn's model and hull number, homeport or geographical location, and anything else pertinent to your questions including pictures as needed.  More detail will bring you better answers!  


Another useful resource is NOG's Files and Photos archives, many of which were moved over from the old NOG on Yahoo! and are easily searchable using's Search feature.   

The principle we use in moderating NOG is “What's best for Nordhavn owners?” and we ask that every member keep that question in mind. If you believe something you propose to post is of interest to or to the benefit of Nordhavn owners, post it. If not, don't.


One great new benefit (Jan 2020) is free access for NOG members to the authoritative American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) website, including all its highly regarded ABYC Standards and Technical Reports.  More information on that here.


If you own a Nordhavn and are not a member, and you'd like to join, please send an email to  Important: be sure to include your name, your Nordhavn’s name, model and hull number, and homeport or current cruising area.  Also, for verification, please include the name and email for the seller of the boat or the broker who handled the sale on your behalf.


If you know a Nordhavn owner who is not a member of this group, please let our moderator team know so we can extend an invitation to join. 


NOG is NOT open to people considering a Nordhavn or who aspire to own one. The Nordhavn Dreamers Group, operated by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc., was created especially for such people:

TRIM YOUR POSTS!  NOG goes to many owners cruising with limited bandwidth. Please do not copy long previous messages as a part of your post, and leave off legal boilerplate and signature blocks. Learn how to trim 

Nordhavn Owners Group includes a database of members and boats, and it's a good tool for telling other Nordhavn owners who you are and where you're headed. Creating a database record is easy. And please go back, check your data, and update it regularly. To check the database, click on this link:   For detailed instructions see Using the Nordhavn Owners Group Database at in NOG's Files

NOG is privately owned and exists for the benefit of Nordhavn owners. The group is not affiliated with Pacific Asian Enterprises Inc. or its Nordhavn brand. “Nordhavn Owners Group” and the NOG logo on the group’s homepage are protected Service Marks of this group.

By using this group, you expressly agree that your use of Nordhavn Owners Group is subject to the NOG Guidelines, Rules and Terms of Service. Violation of our Guidelines, Rules or Terms of Service may result in a member's suspension or expulsion from the group.

The NOG Moderator Team


NOG owner and chief moderator

       Milt Baker, M.Y. Bluewater, N4732,  954-610-5193

Senior moderator

       David Evans, M.Y. Mary Pearl, N4310,  206-375-3184

 Associate moderators

       Larry O’Keefe, M.Y. Miss Miranda, N5012,  206-295-6318

       Kevin Jeffries, M.Y. Red Rover, N5505,  206-979-9694

       Stan Heirshberg, Ex-M.Y. Crossroads, N5731,   775-350-3461
       Rick Riordan, M.Y. Ghost Rider, N5021,   239-246-5225
       Kristin Kinan, M.Y. Kemo Sabe, N4019,  716-553-9816 

Duty moderator

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