Noe Valley Parents

This is an open listserv for parents in Noe Valley, San Francisco. When requesting to join, please add a short description of who you are and why you would like to join. New members are approved on a weekly basis.
This is a self-regulating group where all members agree to respect the time and privacy of other members.
Useful and welcome postings include:
  • meeting / event announcements
  • volunteer and community participation calls
  • focused, informal data and opinion gathering
  • commerce & service provider referrals/reviews (include your relationship)
  • garage sale/for-sale ads (Limited to on-topic items and one posting per week)
  • not-for-profit fundraising
  • lost and found pets/miscellaneous
  • organizing subgroups for relevant projects
  • safety awareness notices, and more
Caution is requested for posts that announce business endeavors, "deals," and similar. No postings should be made that include advertising, chain letters, or pyramid schemes.

Further guidelines:
  • Sign your name if this is not clear in your email address.
  • Include a detailed Subject: line.
  • Reference the source of any information copied from elsewhere.
  • Keep the text trimmed when replying or forwarding.
  • Any posts advertising a related group, paid service, or activity should be posted no more than once per month.
  • Be free to state your opinion, but please do so in an objective manner and allow others the same freedom of expression.
  • Avoid personal attacks and ethnically derogatory remarks; do not advocate violence or illegal activity of any sort.
  • Spam: If an account is compromised or sends spam to the list, that member will be moderated and/or deactivated.
Thank you kindly

Founded: Feb 1, 2007

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