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This group is for technical support for the TARPN NinoTNC, a not-for-profit project, to build a 9600 baud Terminal Node Controller used for Amateur Radio data linking projects.
The NinoTNC connects to a host computer using a USB serial port, and communicates to other stations over ham radios using one of several modulation schemes, including a simulated 1200 baud Bell 202 modem (same as, and compatible with, most ham-radio packet TNCs).  It can use a FM voice radio's microphone and speaker interface, or it can drive a data radio, 9600 data port, or to the discriminator and modulator of a hacked transceiver.  The NinoTNC firmware includes all of its capabilities, each select-able using the DIP switches.  No reflashing or obscure commands required.  See the INFO page for more news and latest information.

The NinoTNC is an in-progress hobby project and is offered to people who want to participate in the latest and greatest happenings in packet radio.  We make the unit available with no profit, in order to promote the TARPN project, which is a specific application of this device.  You are welcome to use the NinoTNC for any packet project and we welcome your comments on this forum.  There is no warranty for this product though, and it is not available assembled from our group.  We'll do our best to help, and as a very inexpensive device, your risk is pretty low.  Please read our caveats on the INFO page.

This group is available to discuss NinoTNC versions and availability, NinoTNC specific TNC operations, KISS and NinoTNC specific KISS operations, over-the-air behavior and protocols, 1200 baud operation, IL2P mode, select-able bit-rates, and the interfacing of the TNC to your computer and computer application.  
For discussion about the 9600 baud radio interfacing, please see our g3ruh-modem reflector   
For discussion about using this TNC for TARPN group projects, please see our TARPN reflector

This group is run by the TARPN organization -- Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network.

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