Update on baby BIRD

Gwyneth Watson


I have now received the above’s birth certificate, unnamed, but for the first time in too many years that I care to remember, I see that the mother Margaret Ann Bird (Richardson) is stated as having been born in Liverpool, England. Finally, as last I have a connection there. On her death cert it stated she was born in Sth Aust which I knew to be wrong.

Does anyone know if the recording details for BDMs were changed 1876ish. They had 11 children prior to this one and none had the facility to record anything on the mother other than her name? I have photocopies of the original registers when the records were still at the Nelson court house I think. If I now get a printout of them would there be anything different on them?

I have lodged an enquiry re the death cert which has been acknowledged twice and I guess I’m in the queue.

Cheers Gwyneth
From a wet and cold Moss Vale, NSW

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