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Information exchange for members of the Northern California Translators Association.

To post to the group via email, simply send a message with an appropriate subject line to

Guidelines for use of the “ncta-members” Yahoo group:
1. Maintain civil discourse. Offenders will be warned, repeat offenders unsubscribed.
2. Keep mails succinct and delete extraneous material in replies.
3. Use a descriptive subject line. To respond to a posting within a daily digest, click the reply link under the relevant posting rather than replying to the entire digest.
4. Adjust mail settings to show your full name and suppress lengthy e-mail signatures.
5. Do not send thank-you messages (thank the individuals off the list!), scam alerts, virus warnings, chain letters, or mail on topics unrelated to our profession.

  • Replies go to the group by default. To reply to one or more individuals, please change the address in the “To:” field.
  • Discussions of rates as outlined in the ATA Policy Statement of March 25, 1990, are prohibited.
  • You can edit your own mail settings by going to the group homepage and clicking on your account link at the top right.

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