YA Fldigi CPU Load on Mac Question


Fldigi (4.1.12, x86, on High Sierra) seems to use a lot of CPU on my Macbook Air. It starts around 30%, rises at 45-50% when I start flmsg, then occasionally rises up to 65 to 80% and stays there after it decodes some signals. This is enough to make the fan run full blast and shorten battery life considerably. Stopping or slowing the waterfall has no effect. Switching modes has no effect, except that when the CPU gets stuck at 75%+ setting the mode to "null" will get it to slowly go down to 45-50%.

I have a copy of fldigi 3-something and it does not use CPU the way 4 does. Are other Mac users seeing the same thing? Are there any tweaks to reducing CPU?

Thanks Wiley KF6IIU