WX Form DnD to FLmsg "fstm2s" failure

Steve Toquinto

Hey Dave and all!
              We were testing out the WX reporting forms in FLmsg.
We found the "Storm Report" that we received (created in FLmsg 4.0.14) would NOT open up in FLmsg (ver 4.0.16)
when we did a DnD onto the FLmsg icon on Windows7 as well as in Linux even though it had the "fstm2s" file extension.
Same applied when created in FLmsg 4.0.16. If we open up FLmsg and DND the file into FORMS and the Drag-n-Drop option it works just fine.
I also created a Hurricane Report (.w2s) and the Severe Wx Report (.s2s) and DnD those onto the FLmsg Desktop Icon.
Those files opened up and displayed their info properly. Is this a BUG or are we missing something along the way here?

                         73 de Steve KB6HOH