[winfldigi] Store button malfunction


Thank you for the report John.  I have confirmed the bug.


On 5/28/20 10:04 PM, John Rabold KS6M wrote:
I am using fldigi 4.1.13 in Windows 10 Home. I just encountered an apparent malfunction when storing several operating modes into the Store button. If I store Olivia 16/2K, then 32/2K, and then 64/2K into the Store button, then use right-mouse-click on Store and click "OLIVIA-16" (and not the drop-right box that reads "2K @ nnnn"), fldigi switches correctly to Olivia 16/2K. If I repeat that with "OLIVIA-32", fldigi closes. Relaunching fldigi and reloading the three settings, I right-mouse-click on Store and click the drop-right "2K" box to the right of "OLIVIA-16", fldigi switches to Olivia 32/2K. If I repeat that with "OLIVIA-32", again clicking on the drop-right box, fldigi closes.

If I store Olivia 64/2K, then 32/2K, then 16/2K, and then MFSK64, choosing Olivia 64 works OK, then choosing Olivia 32 takes me to MFSK 64, and then choosing Olivia 16 causes fldigi to close. (Why would I ever want to store those four modes in that order? They are being used in that order in the Shortwave Radiogram being broadcast over the next few days!)

Under some circumstances I found that a mode choice from the Store button list took me to NULL, which was not something I had stored.

John / KS6M