[winfldigi] flmsg


Download and install
It will honor both setting the arq-server-port on the command line and/or the configuration panel.  The command line parameter will override any previously set port on the configuration panel.


On 1/15/19 10:15 PM, Ed via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Dave,
Yes, fldigi works with flmsg  Both are using the folder specified in --flmsg-dir.  I copied traffic from an ARES net this evening, and all of the messages went to the folder specified in --flmsg-dir.

I noticed that when I include the --arq-server-port 7332 argument in both fldigi and flamp command strings, that flamp doesn't receive the data blocks from fldigi.  If I remove the --arq-server-port 7332 argument from the flamp command string, then it does receive the data blocks from fldigi.  The flamp help says the default arq-server-port is 7322.  It seems like fldigi may be using the default port 7322 instead of the port that was specified in the --arq-server-port 7332 argument.

I assumed that if I want to run two sets of fldigi, flmsg, and flamp (one for HF and one for VHF), that each set of apps would need its own arq-server-port.  Am I using the --arq-server-port argument correctly?

Thanks & 73,