Why Red Cross Forms link instead to a forms directory?

Randy Allen

With my last question about the Help menu answered  I'll throw another one out:

What is the reason that <Form><Red Cross> points to download links and not a sub directory with the Red Cross forms? And then why put them in Custom rather than under Red Cross when downloaded?

Do the forms change so often it's more practical to just download them when needed?

In the run up to the 30 May Red Cross drill and getting people trained on and familiar with FLMSG to use the Red Cross forms during the drill, this seemed to be the most asked about, confusing and non-intuitive item brought up in my local ARES District.

To be fair the primary form (ARC 6409) seemed to be updated a couple of times last week and I had to download a fresh copy Saturday morning to successfully open and then forward one received from another ham.

Not a bug report or complaint.  Just curious how it came about. It will also be nice to explain the why to new users other than saying "I Dunno".


Randy KA0AZS

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