WEFAX IOC576 reception


Here is an example of a WEFAX IOC576 decoded signal on fldigi-4.1.00.  Transmitting station is  NMH Boston, received in North Alabama on 9110.0 KHz on an Icom 7200.  I set the Icom USB-D suppressed carrier to 9108.5 so that the WEFAX signal is centered at 1500 Hertz.  That allows me to use a 1000 Hertz transceiver DSP filter centered at 1500 Hertz.

fldigi 4.1.00 executing on an Apple miniMac, 10.13.6 (High Sierra) using the Portaudio sound interface.  Sound system was calibrated to WWV just prior to the broadcast and required 25 ppm adjustment.  An additional WEFAX slant correction was needed to compensate for the transmitted signal.  The slant adjustment was +0.0100.

73, David, W1HKJ