Shortwave Radiogram: Olivia 64-2000 15 dB under music


Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is in MFSK32, MFSK64 (with eight images), and Olivia 64-2000. To make it more interesting, the Olivia 64-2000 is mixed with, and 15 dB under, music.

You can decode the show yourself from this audio ...

It was transmitted UTC Saturday at 0230-0300 UTC on 9265 kHz from WINB in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, and received at the SDR of KPH, the Maritime Radio Historical Society, at Point Reyes, California.

The Olivia 64-2000 starts at 23:12 into the audio file.

Due to the peculiarities of WINB's audio, the RSIDs probably won't work. You'll have to change the modes manually.

It's also possible that at least one MFSK64 image preamble will be garbled, resulting in no image. A solution that might work is to start the recording just when the preamble starts.

This weekend, you can still receive and decode the program "live" UTC Sunday at 0800-0830 UTC on 5850 and 7730 kHz and 2330-2400 UTC on 7780 kHz, all frequencies from WRMI Florida.

Shortwave Radiogram