New additions to the fldigi Wiki


The fldigi Wiki is a user community maintained resource of questions/answers and how-to documents.  I have just completed detailing the process of building native and cross compilation targets of fldigi from source on both Debian and RPM based Linux distributions.  The linux distributions are Mint and Fedora, but the principles apply equally to peer distributions.  The identical process can be followed for building flrig, flamp, flmsg, etc.

The procedures were tested on both a native (or dual boot) Linux installation, and using a virtual installation on Oracles VirtualBox.  VirtualBox tests were performed on Linux, Windows 7, Window 10, and MacOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra).  WIN target installation files built from each of the test cross compilation suites were tested on Windows-7 64 bit, and Windows 10 32 bit.

73, David, W1HKJ