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MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech

And Fraunhofer won't renew 'em

Key patents held on the MP3 audio format expired last month – and it's taken three weeks for anyone to notice.

And the Fraunhofer Institute has declined to renew the intellectual property it owns on the MPEG Audio Layer III technology – as well as terminating its licensing programme. So yup, now you can use MP3 encoding in your products almost patent free – others who worked to develop the format still hold some of the patents – and, of course, your MP3s that used to work will still work in the future.


So legally, the mp3 codec could be added to fldigi.  But there are better public domain audio compression codecs, notably ogg which provides a better quality audio / compression than mp3.

I will consider your request.

David, W1HKJ
fldigi author

On 8/24/19 7:21 AM, Bill wrote:
If it's possible, I want to transmit an mp3 audio file. I know FLDigi will do .WAV files but can't figure out how to do mp3...