Mode sync between FLDigi, FLMsg, and FLAmp



On 4/6/19 10:42 AM, bartpearl via Groups.Io wrote:
I have my software configured so that FLMsg and FLAmp sync modems with FLDigi.   I do not have FLAmp set up to change mode on transmit, or for FLDigi to auto sync it's mode to FLAmp.  In other words, i only want the mode selected in one place to avoid mode mismatches.

I've noticed that if I manually change modes in FLDigi, the other two programs follow as expected.  However, if FLDigi auto-changes the mode based on the RSID, the other two programs do not.

1.  Is this normal?
2.  Any chance of an update so the other two follow FLDigi even when the mode is auto-switched?

Bart N5BLP