MacLoggerDX Interface - How??

Jim / W6JHB

Just installed FLDIGI 4.1.09 along with FLRIG. Both are working fine on my brand new Mac mini. I also use MacLoggerDX 6.28. After reviewing the user guide, I still cannot figure out (1) what the interface between FLDIGI and MLDX will do for me, and (2) how to make it work. I've checked the "Connect to MacLogger" button but nothing happens.

My hope is that, after finishing a QSO, if I click the Log QSO button, the QSO would get logged in MLDX.

Tnx, JimĀ 

Jim / W6JHB

Well, I answered my own question! Used the Apple Script that is supplied in the MLDX download dmg "extras" file and assigned it to one of the FLDIGI macro keys. Had some initial problems because the script in the downloads contained an errant character in the name so the macro call was not finding the script. Once I got rid of that character in the front of the name, all worked fine.

73, Jim / W6JHB