Linux/NBEMS support person wanted


I received the following from Bob Folmar, KB3VS.  Please respond directly to Bob, cc to me if you can assist.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Dear Dave, I am not sure if you have been notified of this or not but Walt Jones WN3LIF has passed away. It was very sudden on Monday morning June 22 nd. Walt was a wealth of knowledge and a driving force of the ARES community here in the Luzerne county of Pennsylvania. I know that he was in touch with you often on the updates and troubleshooting of using Fl Digi with Linux Ubuntu.

 His passing has left a large void here in the ARES network. I was wondering if anyone else in the northeastern area of Pennsylvania is knowledgeable with the workings of Fl Digi and Linux. We still have a lot of unanswered questions and will need some help and hand holding to get everything up to date.

There is a large nuclear power plant near us that holds an annual drill and we have used your programs for several years and each of our 18 municipalities has a Linux Ubuntu computer running them.

Please respond to me and if you are willing and able to help us get over this hurdle it would be greatly appreciated.
                                        Thanks,  Bob Folmar  KB3VS    bobkb3vs@...