Initial Setup Questions


Would like to try FLDigi for Navtex.
Presently using YAND, and SDRConsole to "feed" it.  Have a SDRPlay RSPdx.
Uses the W10 soundcard, Realtek Stereo Mix.

So, if I change the freq. in Console, it (presumably) is reflected in YAND.  Seems to.

Have gone thru the Configuration in Fldigi, but its shown freq. is not what I have in Console.
So, a reasonable assumption is that they are not communicating.

a. What should i check, please ?  Soundcard "seems" set up O.K., but I am never sure.

b. And, how do i get it to actually start and run after item (a) is clarified ?
    Have tried the horizontal. triangles on the bottom, but nothing happens.

Have read the Manual, several times, but am still very confused.
Missing an understanding and configuring of the two most basic items I guess.
That old age problem, I guess.

BTW:  What is Flarq ?

Any thoughts on how to get going, simpler than the Manual write-ups, would be very appreciated,