ie: Using FLDIGI to key serial port DTR line


From: Barry Feierman via Groups.Io <barryfeierman@...>

W1HKJ Dave and all

I just used the new FLDIGI test version to enable CW keying by DTR pin on a Com Port and at about 20-25 wpm it is flawless. It might help that there is a CW contest going on right now on 20m. I just got a bunch of contacts.

Rig: Icom 7610  Mode CW
Computer: Win 7
Interface: Rigblaster Advantage on USB (virtual com port)
     Radio set to  keying CW on a USB to COM port   DTR pin 
     I use RTS for SEND (PTT)
Rig in CW mode (not USB)

If I also turn on the rig's  CW semi-break in, my straight key also works fine, as well as my paddle, with radio in true CW mode.

I've operated CW with the rig in USB by keying audio for ten years, and it also worked fine. But I always checked for ALC of ZERO and about 50W output on a  100W PEP rig. Never had a complaint about a "bad" or "wide" CW note keying audio in SSB mode  (what some call  MCW).

TU for giving us true CW mode capability with FLDIGI.

I'll report any problems if I find them.


Barry  k3eui
(Phila area)