FT4 for NBEMS net call / other suitable digital-net modes 4 HF

Doug K7KY

Aaron...  I appreciate your summary of ORCA DIGITAL NET.  ORCA was founded to teach and practice digital traffic-handling with NBEMS software.  We quickly discovered that digital nets were more difficult to run than Phone & CW because doubles can be frequent and they scramble both signals. Fortunately, Amateur Directed Net protocols are a good fit for digital nets too.  When all transmissions go through NCS, it's possible to keep order and conduct business smoothly and rapidly.  An orderly net is essential to passing traffic efficiently.  Directed net structure and PC file-system familiarity are also important for digital traffic Operators.

We use MFSK for net business and most traffic handling when condx permit.  Next on ORCA is THOR.  For terrible condx, we use OLIVIA, as do most digital nets. We've experimented with many of the modes on FLDIGI's menu.  We usually experiment with mode during the weekly FLAMP exercise and run a Mode Shoot-Out every month or so.  We often fill an experimental mode with a faster MFSK mode.  Although MFSK-128 is faster and wider than THOR-100, we can often fill stations who've not CONFIRMED THOR-100 with MFSK-128.  Solar Minimum is providing lots of opportunity to explore digital mode characteristics. When this solar-phase is over, those who stick with the digital operations will be outstanding digital Ops. 73 Doug K7KY