FSQ Alerts

Steve Hansen

A few of us in Maine are getting familiar (or more familiar) with FSQ and have been trying out the various triggers. The Alert function seems to have an issue. From the FSQ section of the fldigi Help:
callsign|message (Send alert) Addressee station starts to print. Alert pop-up box containing message is placed on the screen. When the operator closes this dialog, a response transmission is made: origin_callsign Alert ack
The box does appear and then disappears fairly quickly. The way to change that appears to be by adjusting the Notify Time Out in the FSQ modem set up. However, we can't get the response transmission to function. We've tried this over the air and computer hooked to computer (Windows 7). It'd also be nice if there could be an audio alert when the alert box pops up.

We're looking toward possibly restarting the Maine NBEMS net at some point in the not-distant future with FSQ included.

73, Steve KB1TCE