For Dave et al Please: Sr. Citizen Question Re fldigi Startup And Qutting After 5 Sec. ?



a.  Want to get started with digital modes, so i thought

I would bite the bullet and learn FLDigi.  Using W10.
Haven't gotten very far.

Download and install seem to have gone O.K.  Vers. 4.1.12    Running a SDRPlay RSPdx.
Full, normal screen seems to appear fine.

But, when I open it up, and go to the Configure/Config Dialog, it stays on for about 5 seconds, and then
the entire program terminates !

Any idea what is going on ?  Sure is funny.

Hard to believe that I'm the only one who has ever experienced this.
Any known solutions for ?

Have tried new downloading, several time.  Always happens.

Might it be I downloaded the incorrect package, perhaps ?
Version seems to be 4.1.12

Would sure appreciate any suggestions.

b.  And, might as well also ask now, as I'm sure someone will have a response to the above
"problem":  Want to use SDRConsole to feed fldigi.  Where do i set up the VAC in fldigi ?
Will be using COM)Com for the VAC

c. Where is the best place and link to download ?  Probably worth another download try from a different source ?

   Is winfldigi the same as fldigi ?

Thanks for the help,
Very appreciated.