flwrap 1.3.5 - new release


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and Source Forge.

Source Forge git repository master branch updated to 1.3.5.

Version 1.3.5 * Maintenance release

  Build script
    * fix corrupted build script

  OS X build script
    * Modify to only build dmg with dylibs

  win mingw
    * update file contents
    * mods to allow building on Win-MinGW-Msys platform

    * correction to build script

  build fixes
    * mxe - corrected build scripts
    * flwrap.cxx added missing header required by gcc v4.9.3

    * Externally overridable BUILD_DATE, BUILD_USER, and BUILD_HOST to allow
      distros to generate reproducible builds.

  doxygen doc files
    * added doxygen directory to allow user to build
      html / pdf documents for help and source documentation
    * corrected FSF address in various files