flrig 1.3.50 posted



and at Source Forge.

This IS NOT an April Fool's joke.

73, David, W1HKJ

Wed Apr 1 2020 - Version 1.3.50

    * erroneous character in m4 script

  MacOS cu serial ports
    * enable /dev/ serial port identification
    * update build.m4 for building with Xcode 11

  CW sense
    * CW read CW sense on select Icom transceivers to correctly manage
      notch filter position

  IC7600 trace
    * added trace statements to aid user debuggin

  Icom Manual Notch
    * Adjust notch conversions by bandwidth and mode
    * Following Icom transceivers have notch on/off/set
      IC7000 . IC7100 IC7200 IC7300 IC746 IC746PRO IC756 IC756PRO2 IC756PRO3
      IC7600 IC7610 IC7700 IC7800 IC7851 IC9100 IC9700

  xmrpc command strings
    * update to read Icom hexadecimal strings

    * Correct reading of power output
    * Correct behavior of Tune On/Off

  Remote shutdown
    * add xmlrpc command string "rig.shutdown"
      - provides remote shutdown of both flrig and transceiver if capable
        and configured

  FT891 IPO
    * Add button label change to indicate IPO/AMP state

  IC7100 notch
    * enable notch functions
      - calibrate IC7100 internal notch value to audio frequency

  Poll tuner
    * add separate control to enable/disable polling of tuner state

  Doc Update
    * add location and descriptions of configuration and data files

    * bug fix - disallow UI slider changes when volume muted
    * bug fix - do not transfer data to xcvr on event FL_LEAVE
    * correct slider behavior using mouse wheel
    * add auto ON/OFF for Icom transceivers
      IC7100 IC7300 IC7610 IC7851 IC9700

  mat file aging
    * add aging for freq-mode list files (.mat)

    * Change default if_shift for digital modes to 1500

    * add ref adjust, calibrate table for power out

    * modified 'version' to include patch number

  User Command Buttons
    * Add normal and SHIFT usage to all command buttons
      - allows user to assign on/off etc usage to a single command button.
      - SHIFT-left-button or right-button invokes secondary button command

    * remap power i/o to 5...200 W
    * correct vfoB selection
    * corect width selection
    * add power on/off

    * add FTdx101MP class based off of FTdx101D
    * add auto on/off to both FTdx101D and FTdx101MP

  Yaesu tuner
    * change get/set tuner methods for these xcvrs
      - FT991, FT991A

    * correct indexing error