flmsg 4.0.6 posted


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73, David, W1HKJ

Version 4.0.6 * Maintenance release

    * update to ARQ documentation

    * Repair mangled xml output for ICS-213 and radiogram

  mode list
    * add missing modes
    * correct mode list table

  ARQ event log
    * add event lines population upon initial open
    * events appended to protected string
    * add percentage sent/rcvd to event log
    * add notify dialog widget - open instance when
      - arq transfer completed
      - arq transfer aborted
      - arq transfer timed out
    * add log files directory to .nbems structure
      - store current log file in log file directory
      - add log file aging, keep last 5 logs

  OS X build script
    * Modify to build dmg with dylibs only

  CLANG compile failure
    * Correct string literal concatenation