fldigi signal browser 50 vs 100 Hz




maybe I have a configuration issue – but not found what has to be changed…


fldigi show the signals in 50 Hz steps in signal browser.

See attachment, have reduced the SQL for this example. Here a CQ seems to be found at 950 Hz. But in reality it is at 1900 Hz. See waterfall and text above. And that is also what I can hear.

If I click on the CQ of  signal browser, it jumps to 950 Hz. And there is nothing.

It is still the same, even I switch to channels or frequency.

Have tried the newest alpha version (4.1.14-48) but still the same.

Taking a look into the manual the signal browser should present the signals in 100 Hz steps. What it is doing, but not showing.


Think if those would be no issue of the software. If so also other user would ask. But have found nothing.

I’m using here an IC-7300. Connected with USB to Windows10 64bit system (if those could be relevant)


73 de Roland, DK4RH





short an additional awareness.

Have worked with option --config-dir where all settings are starting with default.

There is still same issue of wrong frequencies in signal-browser. But in both cases only in CW-Mode. As least in PSK mode frequencies are shown correctly. Also selecting by clicking on an found entry is working in PSK (but not in CW).


So I think it is not an issue in settings – seems it is a software issue ?!


73 de Roland, DK4RH