fldigi/flamp/flmsg alpha postings


Fixes to fldigi / flamp / flmsg bugs reported after most recent distribution releases :'(.


Sun Apr 5 2020 - Alpha

    * File selection caused cessation of audio processing while waiting
      for user selection.  Results in cessation of signal processing
      including keep alive signals to flamp and flmsg if linked.
      - move all UI interaction to main thread

  trx testing
    * replace compiler macros with in-line code to aid in debugging

  AFTER macro
    * add AFTER tag to repeat macro after a delay of NN seconds

  CWID button
    * One more time to wrestle the wayward CWID button to the mat
       - fluid definition file "confdialog.fl" OK
       - needed to execute "make flgen" to create new confdialog.cxx/h files

Sat Apr 4 2020 - alpha

  Win/mxe heartburn
    * fix mxe build scripts for updated mxe
    * fix fltk m4 script
    * remove code no longer supported

  xml mod
    * increase timeouts

Sun Apr 5 2020 - alpha

  fltk version change
    * mods driven by update to mxe
    * modify 'version' to include VERSION_PATCH
    * update source to compile with fltk 1.3.xx
    * update fltk.m4
    * update

Tested the trio on Linux, macOS 10.13, and Windows-7.

73, David, W1HKJ