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The file "sha256sum.txt" contains the computed sha256sum vale for the Windows setup.exe file.

73, David, W1HKJ

Wed Sep 30 13:19:00 2020 -0500  -- alpha

  CW Farnsworth
    * WPM macro fix

  DXCC lookup
    * Change all references to "United States" to USA

    * reorganize kml source
    * fix missing cleanup on start

  status locale
    * change double ratios to interger ratios
      - work around solution to class preferences bug
        read failure of floating point values if locale
        does not use period as the decimal separator

    * Fix font resize bug
      - caused intermittent seg fault
      - caused loss of raster

  Level indicator
    * Add user definable signal levels for level indicator color changes
    * Add VU style input signal level meter
    * Increase waterfall gain range to 80 dB

    * Add <LOCAL>
      . use local time for all subsequent scheduling macros