fldigi posted



Thu Jun 25 08:18:00 2020 - alpha

  flarq update
    * Replace text widgets with fl_input2 and F_Edit widgets.  Adds
      UTF-8 character handling.
    * Add restoration of beacon after cessation of ARQ exchanges
    * Modify fldigi to correctly display UTF-8 characters during
      both transmit and reception of flarq text

    * Fix crash in navtex code
      - When neither the alpha nor rep character are valid, the navtex code
        tries to average both characters and see whether that results in a
        valid character.
      - Unfortunately, it uses the value of the character rather than its
        position in the array as an array offset, and can crash in this
      - Fix that by using the position like the code was meant to do.
      - Found with Valgrind.

  Sound Record
    * Insure that audio recordings have .wav extension

  Freq Control
    * change to use unsigned long to represent the frequency value
      maximum value increased to 4294967295 (2^32-1)

    * build MinGW 64bit without requiring -fpermissive.

  Cabrillo logs
    * correct Cabrillo report MODE entry

  sound.cxx warning
    * fix compile warning on indentation

    * change SNDFILE to a required library

    * invert video reversal on HELL 80
    * rename FSK_HELL -> FSKH245
      - enable RsID encode/decode for FSKH245
    * set default filter bandwidth for each mode

    * Change Store/Recall menu items to mode_info[].name vice
      - sname strings for Contestia and Olivia contained '/'
        causing an item selection failure.
        . fltk widget interprets the '/' as a submenu item
      - bug has been lurking for many versions

    * Change bandwidth selections

  Rx Monitor
    * Add test for existence of filter in monitor playback
      - prevents segmentation fault with start up conditions:
        . Rx Monitor enabled
        . Rx Filter enabled
        . Audio alerts disabled

73, David, W1HKJ