fldigi alpha posted



Sun May 17 15:13:00 2020 - alpha

  Analysis mode
    * Add Zulu time readout to status bar

  Debug Sources
    * remove bMOREINFO
    * add "Data Load" toggle to Debug sources
    * add "Synop" toggle to Debug sources
    * add "KML" toggle to Debug sources
    * remove deprecated command line parameters
      - --debug-pskmail, use debug source ARQ
      - --debug-audio, use debug source AUDIO
    * redesign Event Log dialog to make selection
      of level and sources more intuitive
    * save level and source selections between executions

Hint: hover mouse over selections for brief description.

    * Modify phasing algorithm to measure, analyze and act upon ratio of
      white and black intervals.
    * Change default center frequency to 1900.  Allows detection of start
      tone @ 300 Hz, stop tone @ 450 Hz.
    * Simplify FM detector.  Use complex functions vice I/Q logic
    * Redesign user interface
      - always use internal Rx panel
      - always use external Tx dialog
      - move infrequently used controls to configuration dialog
    * Rewrite pic and image classes
    * Add user correlation control to config panel
    * Correct transmit methods
      - Start/Stop signals not in spec
      - Transmit duration computation resulted in very long transmission

  README update
    * update reference to winfldigi

  fedora 64 build
    * fix void* recasts

  Code cleanup
    * remove extraneous debugging lines from code

  fsq sounder
    * restore sounder when starting FSQ from another modem

  Default event log level
    * restore INFO as default
    * change socket events to VERBOSE

    * imrove behavior servicing multiple instances of flmsg

73, David, W1HKJ