fldigi 4.1.09 posted



and at Source Forge.

This is the first update release in 6 months and contains many bug fixes, performance enhancements, non-English text translations, and new capabilities.  Please review the fldigi.txt, reprinted below.

                           Version 4.1.09
                                                 Thu Jan 10 18:00:00 2020

  * Modify config dialog creation to insure that locale translations apply
    to table entries

  * Change MINGW MilliSleep implementation to use nanosleep

PO updates
  * Update po submissions from translation authors
  * Change Italian translator to Emanuale Repetto, IZ1UKX

Alert/Rx-monitor playback
  * fix playback distortion on Pi3 internal sound card
    - sound OK on Cmedia thumb audio device
    - sound chopped/distorted on internal sound card
    - improved efficiency of portaudio callback function
    - increased sound data blocks to 1024 frames each frame 2 float values;
      right/left channel
  * Add alert stream volume control
  * Remove filter transients from rx audio stream
  * Update Alert configuration tab
  * Detect if use does not connect to audio alert device

New Install
  * restore Data Source dialog tab to new install wizard
  * fix missing cell element that caused table to not redraw correctly after
    table resize or column resize

Audio alerts disable
  * add enable/disable button to Audio Alerts playback device selection
    - opening a portaudio stream on unavailable device
    - caused segmentation fault
    - open stream now properly handled
    - default is disabled
  * fix seg fault bug on "new" install Wizard if audio alerts activated

cw mods
  * change timing parameter ranges
  * change CW sample rate to 16000
  * change waterfall drop rate computation
    - drop rate independent of mode samplerate
  * simplified CW AFCW generation code
  * add CW keyline on DTR/RTS
  * correct Farnsworth timing
  * insure that initial state of DTR is disabled
  * CW TUNE using DTR / RTS pins

  * correct WK_online status detection

Analysis mode
  * change displayed tracking frequency to .001 precision

  * fix to broken hamcall lookups

RSID code assignments
  * Assigned secondary Rsid Codes:
    - DominoEX Micro: 691
    - ThorEX : 693

ARRL CW bulletins
  * changes to CW modem and macro language to support bulleting transmissions by W1AW
  * add new transmit interval macro
      <!SKED:HHMMSS:YYYYMMDD> to provide segmented scheduling
    of transmission at exact date/time.
  * change right channel QSK/PTT signal to square wav
    - user configurable base frequency
  * correct Farnsworth timing
  * add timing compensation for more accurate WPM timing
  * modified to work with 1.2.0 nanoIO sketch

lotw mangled report files
  * tqsl trace file occassionally mangled when read by fldigi function 
    check_lotw_log.  delay reading file until no change in trace file size 
    occurs with a 100 msec window
  * improved lotw message box contents based on lotw trace file contents
  * increase time-out delays waiting for tqsl trace file completion

tree metaphor
  * change configuration dialog to use tree vice tab metaphor
  * update user documentation

OS X Bus 10 error
  * Bug fix on OS X.

Log ADIF export
  * Add fields to "all" export

  * increase timeout to 5 seconds

Display Logbook Datum
  * re-enable control of displaying logbook datum when starting program

Rx monitor
  * add monitor audio stream to allow user to listen to unprocessed Rx audio stream
  * add Rx audio stream filter
  * create separate Rx Audio dialog
    - open on View menu pull down

Combo Box behavior
  * add scrollwheel action to combo/list box behavior
  * add widget Fl_Group::do_callback() to event handler
  * correct FreqControl handler for scrollwheel

cw prosigns
  * allow user to select cw prosign display
    - long view, <SK> <BT> ...
    - short view, as prosign short cut key defined on the CW prosign config' tab

RTTY bell
  * enable BELL, visual and audible for TTY decoder
  * pass BELL, \a, and CR, \r to xml rx data stream
  * add RTTY bell waveform file
  * add user configuration controls to disable BELL annunciation
      * fixed Windows alert failure
      * added ctrl-shift-g to special character group to insert
        the <BEL>, 0x07 character into the transmit text
        - hold control and shift down and press g multiple times
          for a string of <BEL> insertions
      * clean up trailing edge of phone ring
      * implement separate thread for handling mp3 and wav
        file playback.
        - removes dr_mp processing from main thread
        - prevents main thread locking during mp3/wav file

MinGW mods
  * changes imposed by changes to gcc and mxe components
  * modifications to accommodate changes in mingw libraries and headers

CW International Chars

  * Add mp3 decoder for mp3 files
    - uses public domain decoder drmp3
    - Audio playback, and
    - Alerts

  * Allow CWID execution at specified position in macro text
  * Modify macro tag <TIMER:nnn> to always start when state changes from Tx to Rx.
  * Add <# comments> tag.  Works same as <COMMENT:comments> tag
  * Correct coding for proper operation of <SKED:..., <TIMER:...
    and <REPEAT...> tags.
  * Implement <UNTIL:hhmm[ss]:[YYYYMMDD]> macro tag
    - halts macro at specified date/time when either <REPEAT>,
      or <TIMER:nn> are specified in the macro text.

Xmt Audio file
  * Add ability to transmit an audio file using new macro tag: <AUDIO:path-filename>
    - macro editor opens an OS select file dialog
      when the tag is selected from the pick list suggested use:
      or modem type of choice
  * Audio file must be wav format, either mono or stereo any sample rate
  * Returning to Rx stops current and any pending audio playback.  Post Tx
    macro tags are then executed.  T/R button or Escape key will abort the playback.
  * Please use responsibly - know and understand your license limitations for
    transmitting audio files, especially music and/or copyrighted material.

  * Correct test for no output device
    - do not use pa error handler
  * Add ability to select the pa device for alerts output
    - was using default device
    - detect device default sample rate
    - convert all sound files to def sr using fastest sinc converter
  * Change output to use pa callbacks

Data file update
  * Update/correction to file NAVTEX_stations.csv
    - contributed by N2RY

flrig freq/mode
  * Change order of sending frequency and mode to mode then frequency

Fltk 1.4.x
  * Change to startup resize on MacOS built against fltk-1.4.x

Wefax autosave
  * Change max lines to counter min=1000, max = 1000

Update check
  * correct logic for update checking

  * Fix wefax AFC computation / application
    - incorrect computation of center frequency
  * Disallow audio stream playback on WEFAX
    - not compatible with HAMFAX class decoder
  * Remove status display messages
    - state changes still logged to event log
  * Force ".png" file extension on saved images
  * wefax code cleanup