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Changes based on early user testing:

version - 12/29/2020 - 09:12 CST

Audio alerts disable
  * add enable/disable button to Audio Alerts playback device selection
    - opening a portaudio stream on unavailable device caused segmentation fault
    - open stream now properly handled
    - default is disabled

cw mods
  * change timing parameter ranges
  * change CW sample rate to 16000
  * change waterfall drop rate computation
    - drop rate independent of mode samplerate
  * simplified CW AFCW generation code
  * add CW keyline on DTR/RTS
  * correct Farnsworth timing
  * insure that initial state of DTR is disabled

The audio alert device behavior may or may not have caused as segmentation fault depending on the state of hardware and drivers.

DTR bug was reported on Linux and OS-X testing;  initialization code caused a very short DTR enabled state during the serial port open process. That in turn caused a momentary closure of the transceiver DTR keyline.  DTR modification tested on Linux and OS-X.

73, David