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Note the new macro tag.  Usage example:

Start at 1900; repeat every 2 minutes; stop on or after 2359

---------------- snip ---------------
commit 29d97e9c4289d1b019fac93b80a5e54d35a0a8f5
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    * Allow CWID execution at specified position in macro text
    * Modify macro tag <TIMER:nnn> to always start when state changes
      from Tx to Rx.
    * Add <# comments> tag.  Works same as <COMMENT:comments> tag
    * Correct coding for proper operation of <SKED:..., <TIMER:... and
      <REPEAT...> tags.
    * Implement <UNTIL:hhmm[ss]:[YYYYMMDD]> macro tag
      - halts macro at specified date/time when either <REPEAT>,
        or <TIMER:nn> are specified in the macro text.

commit e282c9952c83f43bed28f1365dc7f11839755061
  Xmt Audio file
    * Add ability to transmit an audio file using new macro tag
      - macro editor opens an OS select file dialog when the tag is 
        selected from the pick list
      - suggested use:
        or modem type of choice
    * Audio file must be wav format, either mono or stereo
      any sample rate
    * Returning to Rx stops current and any pending audio playback.  Post
      Tx macro tags are then executed.  T/R button or Escape key will
      abort the playback.
    * Please use responsibly - know and understand your license limitations
      for transmitting audio files, especially music and/or copyrighted material.

commit 9c07eb9e5b2994256dae448b09232799a382701f
    * Correct test for no output device
      - do not use pa error handler
    * Add ability to select the pa device for
      alerts output
      - was using default device
      - detect device default sample rate
      - convert all sound files to def sr using fastest sinc converter
    * Change output to use pa callbacks

  Data file update
    * Update/correction to file NAVTEX_stations.csv
      - contributed by N2RY

  flrig freq/mode
    * Change order of sending frequency and mode to mode then frequency

commit 2541779d9355f4a9f3b0e7560b9ce7cd8aac752e
  Fltk 1.4.x
    * Change to startup resize on MacOS built against fltk-1.4.x

commit 42591fbc6f45108bb7581e8058641b8220a6bec7
  Wefax autosave
    * Change max lines to counter min=1000, max = 1000

commit 8dbac5ff2243ff1a75bbf6acddb8ae0908e3f9e2
  Update check
    * correct logic for update checking

commit 618c6d2d23338bc0dc5e2ead65795328f155d7f8
    * Fix wefax AFC computation / application
      - incorrect computation of center frequency
    * Disallow audio stream playback on WEFAX
      - not compatible with HAMFAX class decoder
    * Remove status display messages
      - state changes still logged to event log
    * Force ".png" file extension on saved images
    * wefax code cleanup

73, David, W1HKJ