Flamp file recovery

KG7D Greg

In the event Flamp, or the entire computer, crashes,and I loose everything in the received que. If the file, lets call it greg.txt, was 100% received it was automatically saved, but if it was only 98% its gone. I'm looking to recover not only the file, in part of full, but the file with the same checksum / serial number {XXXX}. To allow me to receive a "Fill" of the missing blocks, or to "Fill" missing blocks for someone else.
If the file greg.txt is reloaded into the TX Que, it assigns a new checksum / Serial number and  FLamp considers it a new or different file. Making sending or receiving fills of the original file impossible.

Is this information contained in debug_log.txt? And if so, how do I use it? Is there a way to assign a checksum / serial number to another copy of a file?

Thank you in advance for your help,
Greg - KG7D