Configuring Fldigi/Flrig for IC-9700 FSQ and MT63 #flmsg #digitalradio #flrig

Michele - WB6F

Hi there.

I am trying to get set up with my new Icom 9700 for sending digital messages over FSQ in FLDIGI and over MT-63 2KL in FLMSG and I am having some problems I hope someone could help me with.

I have been able to configure things as far as getting flrig and fldigi and the radio all talking to each other and controlling each other in changing frequencies. I have at one point been able to transmit successfully on FSQ but not receive, and now I am unsure if I can still do that. I do not hear the carrier when I send but I do see it appear in the monitor window. I do hear carrier of transmissions coming in however nothing appears either in the yellow area of the main window nor in the monitor. I am able to hear and be heard on the radio in voice transmissions.

I have the radio set on FM with the Data Mod and Data OFF Mod set at USB. Detailed settings can be seen in the attached screenshots.

Michele - WB6F

I have now confirmed that I am able to successfully send over FSQ. When a transmission comes in, I can hear and see the signal on the radio, and the s-meter in flrig shows the signal strength, but no message appears in the windows.