Can RF-Receivers detect Earthquakes?

A Schwarz

Hi Everybody;

Evidence has been mounting that it might be possible to detect earthquakes by measuring the changes in the ionosphere.

The RF-Seismograph team has been collaborating with Earthquakes Canada to find a correlation between HF propagation and earthquakes. There was a distinct event that occurred on Nov 1st  (M5.0 off the coast of Vancouver Island) which was detected by the RF-Seismograph.

We are in the process to correlate earthquakes that a bigger than M6.0 into the 4 years of data we have accumulated. Attached you find a compilation of the year 2016 and all significant earthquake data that was given to us by Earthquakes Canada.
We also believe that tsunamis create RF-signatures and will further investigate on this.

Please access the PDF study and findings here;

The RF-Seismograph uses a HF radio, a LIF interface to decode the IF via a sound card and a 9-band vertical  antenna to receive and record RF-background noise and log the data into files.
For more info on LIF go to:


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Alex (VE7DXW) and the RF-Seismograph team