Andflmsg; forms do not want to save to outbox; solution, sharper tap with finger tip

Ole Helgerson KI7MBR

Problem solved. Whew.  Kind of embarrassed I did not think of it sooner, but if it helps anyone, what works is a sharp tap with the finger tip on the [Submit, Save in Outbox] tab.  :)  73 de KI7MBR

John (vk2eta)

Hello Ole,

Thank you for sharing that information.

I see what could be causing confusion: the HTML form buttons (the submit buttons) only respond to Android defined "short press", but the application buttons like the ones at the top of the screen (return, share, etc...) respond to both short and long presses.

Something to look into.

Glad you got it working and highlighted this.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)