flarq / fldigi posted



Make sure that the executables look like this (Windows-7)

flarq is not the best choice for EMCOMM purposes.  flmsg has both one-to-one (ARQ), and one-to-many (BROADCAST) transfer capability.  In addition it supports the management of a very wide range of EMCOMM forms including those sponsored by the American Red Cross.

If one or more users want to send brief messages, including forwarding, then they should consider the FSQ modem that is a part of fldigi:

73, David, W1HKJ

Jack Spitznagel (KD4IZ)

Hi Dave,

I accidentally posted this to linuxham rather than the nbems group! Sometimes I wonder where my attention span went… I am running Win 10 but had a similar problem as reported on linuxham. My post follows


Interestingly, I had the same experience on Win10 last night - my first start of the new install of .08 fldigi/.18 flrig configured to talk with the IC-7300.

BUT! went back into the menus of both, walked through entering the appropriate items and up it came.

I had to do the same for the instances for the IC-9700.

I tested both instances several times before going to bed.

HOWEVER, it did grumble a bit on start up with the 7300 today, (probably because I triple clicked the start icon). I shut everything down and restarted, then fldigi/flrig came up and acted as nothing had ever been wrong. I then started the IC-9700 instance (properly) and it worked fine.

>>>So something may be messed up after install of the new code (config file misread??), but after the initial re-configuration hassle, everything seems normal again.

Hope my description makes sense and helps you find the issue.