fldigi alpha posted



Tue May 12 08:07:00 2020 - alpha

  README update
    * update reference to winfldigi

  wefax decode
    * Modify phasing algorithm to measure, analyze and act upon ratio of
      white and black intervals.
    * Change default center frequency to 1900.  Allows detection of start
      tone @ 300 Hz, stop tone @ 450 Hz.
    * Simplify FM detector.  Use complex functions vice I/Q logic
    * Redesign user interface
      - always use internal Rx panel
      - always use external Tx dialog
      - move infrequently used controls to configuration dialog
    * Rewrite pic and image classes
    * Add user correlation control to config panel

  fedora 64 build
    * fix void* recasts

  Code cleanup
    * remove extraneous debugging lines from code

  fsq sounder
    * restore sounder when starting FSQ from another modem

  Default event log level
    * restore INFO as default
    * change socket events to VERBOSE

    * imrove behavior servicing multiple instances of flmsg

Added menu access to WEFAX saved images

Use the OS image viewer examine saved images.

Lighted buttons active state color is controlled by the color selection dialog buttons - "All others"

Hover the mouse over each control for a usage tooltip.  Suggest starting with the above settings.

73, David, W1HKJ