fldigi 4.1.10 posted



and at Source Forge.

This IS NOT an April Fool's joke.

73, David, W1HKJ

Wed Apr 1 2020 - Version 4.1.10

  AWOL CW id button
    * Fixed "hidden" state of CW ID button

    * update build.m4 for Xcode 11

   * Restore execution code for <TUNE
   * Retain delayed execution code for <!TUNE
   * Create new macro <@TUNE
   * All three versions allow tune interval to be spec'd
     in fractional seconds, i.e. 2.5, 5.1 10.0 15
   * <TUNE:nn.nn> used alone returns to receive
   * <TUNE:nn.nn> followed by text remains in transmit
     to complete the transmission.
   * Examples:
     . <TUNE:10.0>
     . <TUNE:5>
       <TX>tune test <!TUNE:1.5> de w1hkj k
   * Remove text size restriction on CPS test report.

  RigCat config
    * restore missing control labels

  CW 5 wpm
    * 5 wpm farnsworth speed demands larger OUTBUFSIZE
      - increase output buffer to 65536

  audio alert
    * fix seg fault
      - test for existence of audio_alert instance

  analysis mode
    * changes to data file output - submitted by John Gibbons, N8OBJ

  flrig auto off
    * add ability to shutdown flrig/xcvr during fldigi shutdown

    * correct interpretation of UDP frequency string
    * update transceiver frequency based on UDP frequency

    * modify 'version' to include patch level

    * Correct TTY interface code

  start/stop transitions
    * add code to soften the start/stop transitions for all modems

    * generate CW on selected DTR/RTS signal line
    * CW DTR/RTS signals generated concurrent with AF counterparts and
      within a separate thread.

  Olivia 2 tones
    * correct trailing edge cutoff of postamble tones

  Xmlrpc Xcvr
    * enable QSY when Xmlrpc client xcvr is connected

    * simplify mp3 conversions
      - test for file access using fopen
      - use linear sample rate converter

  contestia cr
    * correct suppression of <CR> display

  serial port
    * insure that DTR and RTS are always disabled when closing port

  Check Version
    * correct version check logic