Field Day dup sheet from fldigi


If you used fldigi for field day digital ops, you probably want to create a "dup sheet".  I did, and created a unique Field Day log for those contacts.  Use this procedure for creating the required ARRL dup sheet for submission of your field day log:
  1. start fldigi and open the logbook adif that you used for the field day ops
  2. Select menu item "Logbook / Reports / CSV"
  3. On Export Setup dialog:
    1. select "Check All"
    2. Select Fields: CALL, BAND, MODE, FD class, FD section (QSO Date Off, Time OFF are not required, but will not be rejected)
    3. Press OK
  4. Save as "fd_dup_sheet.csv" or a file name that is indicative of your operation
  5. Open the csv file using a spreadsheet program such as LibreOffice, Gnumeric, or Excel
    1. my 15 contacts look like this in gnumeric (a Linux spreadsheet program)

    2. Sort the entries by band / mode.  I only worked 40 meters.
    3. Save (or export) as a text file (I used a tab as field separator).  Open the text file with a true ASCII text editor.  Convert the tabs to a fixed number of spaces and fix any columnation issues.  Save the resulting text file.

      20190623    142838    WF0RT    40m    PSK31    2A    IA
      20190623    143540    K4HY     40m    PSK31    3A    KY
      20190623    143948    W8ZPF    40m    PSK31    3A    OH
      20190623    144102    AC0EC    40m    PSK31    3A    IA
      20190623    145005    W8CCA    40m    PSK31    3A    OH
      20190623    145223    N9NAU    40m    PSK31    2A    IN
      20190623    145352    K3URT    40m    PSK31    1E    EPA
      20190623    150022    W4MIS    40m    PSK31    5A    NC
      20190623    150206    K3PSG    40m    PSK31    4A    WPA
      20190623    150738    N9AG     40m    PSK31    4A    IN
      20190623    174447    W9VT     40m    PSK31    4F    IL
      20190623    174651    N4EMP    40m    PSK31    1D    AL
      20190623    174815    N4LNR    40m    PSK31    2A    NC
      20190623    174940    WA3NAN   40m    PSK31    3F    MDC
      20190623    175114    KC3NKB   40m    PSK31    3A    WPA

The final text file can be used as the upload "dup sheet" when submitting your entry on the ARRL web site FD report page.

Modify the above procedure if your field day contacts were just added to your station log.

  1. Do not select "Check All".  Rather, check each field day contact in the browser control "Select Records to Export".  Each checked entry will be exported to the csv report
  2. OR. Select contacts by Start Date, Stop Date.  Then uncheck any entries that were not field day contacts.

For a multi-operator/multi-transmitter submission I would merge the various submissions as csv spreadsheets.  The final spreadsheet could then be sorted by band/mode.

73, David, W1HKJ