flrig posted


and pushed to Source Forge git repository branch origin/pu/df.


split tune for yaesu transceivers
  * FT1000.cxx
  * FT2000.cxx
  * FT450.cxx
  * FT450D.cxx
  * FT5000.cxx
  * FT891.cxx
  * FT950.cxx
  * FTdx1200.cxx
  * FTdx3000.cxx
  * FTdx9000.cxx

  * change auto on to be first event in transceiver get/set sequence

  * Comment out 3 second "wait for rig startup "
  * Move auto on before initialize() and check()
    - insures check can return true during initialisation.

IC F8101
  * Add backend for F8101 commercial transceiver
    - for use in Dominica emergency network
  * Change PTT to control audio in, Mic / Aux
  * add correct conversions for volume level
  * Add shutdown sequence:
    - return to memory / scan mode
  * Correct set mode CAT string
  * Add controls:
    - Preamp / attenuator
    - NB on/off
    - Speech processor on/off
    - Noise Reduction on/off
  * Add BW controls - pending resolution of CAT
    command access
  * update Smeter / POmeter mapping

Split Tune button
  * split tune button into on/off and manual tune

  * update to compression, mic gain, and power control
    initialization.  add missing conditional statements

  * Change class to use base class KENWOOD vice rigbase

Read VFO A
  * Fix error in support.cxx

MacOS high-DPI
  * enable high-DPI on macOS and Microphone on macOS 10.14
    - enable highDPI on retina display
    - request microphone usage on macOS 10.14 (mojave)

  * fix for OS-X Xcode < 7.2

Fix FT-450 split
  * FT-450 doesn't have separate Tx / Rx split commands.
    - changed FR; to FT;

73, Dave, W1HKJ