Matched pair alpha test suite


Please download and test this set of fldigi/flamp files if you have been experiencing lost blocks when transmitting large flamp files.  WN3LIF, WT, my intrepid tester and I have labored for the past two weeks to resolve this issue and this is the result.  We cannot make it break, but welcome any problem reports (and kudos as well).  The fix required changes in both flamp and fldigi.

Please note this configuration panel change in flamp

The "Tx Duration Mins" was limited to 1 minute intervals.  That has change to 0.05 minor and 1.0 major increments.  0.05 minutes ==> 3 minute.  The selection is enumerated in the control to the right labeled "mm:ss".

The flamp script parser has been changed to also work with fractional minutes; where mm is factors of 0.05.

73, David, W1HKJ