Apache-Labs 8000DLE, Windows 10 pro (x64), PowerSDR mRX PS 3.4.9 and FLDIGI

Edward Feustel, N5EI

There is a simple setup for PowerSDR with early versions of Windows, but not with
Windows 10 and the new VAC. Could someone who has done it please add the
correct .xml file to the collection at XMLS and a description to the OpenHPSDR
When using multiple transceivers, what is the best practice? Multiple different FLDIGI programs?
Ed, N5EI

Peace Quote for March 21, 2018
Grabbing, urgency, anxiety, busy, not enough time,
working hard to get are the very processes keeping
you from the support and wisdom that are HERE
and ready to guide you. When any of those attempt
to grab attention, re-direct attention to thisherenow,
take a long, deep breath, look at something
beautiful, say a soft “thank you” and recognize
yourself to be swimming in well-being and belonging!
- Cheri Huber