Update to NBEMS help html

"David Freese" <w1hkj@...>

I just updated the NBEMS html help file and the pdf file. The
following text was added to describe how to mark and copy text from
the Rx text control. Some reports were received about the "Rx Pause"
button showing and causing the Rx text flow to be interrupted.
Perhaps this description will help to prevent panic from setting in.

Capturing a Callsign or other text

Double-click on a callsign on the upper (Receive) window to capture
the call and use it for the macros. To be parsed as a valid callsign
the word must be at least 3 characters long, and have at least one
numeral in the group. You can also type a callsign into the Call
field of the log. If you are connected to the internet you can press
F1 to query the web site with the displayed callsign.

If you double click on a 3 number group such as 599 the text will be
copied to the R (rst in) control. If you double click on any other
word it is assumed to be a name and is sent to the Name control.

A single-click or a drag and click in the Rx window will cause the Rx
text flow to be interrupted so that you can direct what to do with the
marked text. The easiest way to mark text is to do the following

1. single-click with left mouse button in the Rx window ... the Rx
text flow is interrupted
2. mark the desired text by dragging over the text while holding
the left mouse button down
3. move the mouse pointer to the destination, ie: Qth or N(otes)
and the either right click or press Ctrl-V for paste
4. right click in the Rx window and select a destination from the
popup menu or click again in the Rx window to dismiss the popup menu
and resume text flow
5. Rx text flow will also resume after you click on another control
on the display. The quickest is to just left click in the Tx window.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

429 error when trying to run vbdigi

"David Freese" <w1hkj@...>

Your system is missing the Microsoft VBscript capability.

You can stop the error 429 by going to this link and following the
Microsoft instructions from screen to screen:

You have to "validate" Internet Explorer has the information bar
installed. Then just go from screen to screen to download the VBscript
language and run it.

This type of error occurs with programs written in Microsoft's Visual
Basic or VB Scripting language.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

reprint from digitalradio digest number 3758

"David Freese" <w1hkj@...>

Being so close to another net frequency is not going to work unless you
provide a proper filter.

Using flarq efficiently you need to
* use a 500 Hz filter or better
* use a distance of 500 Hz.

We have tried to put 2 pskmail servers on a 250 Hz distance but they
qrm'ed each other in such a way that is was not feasible. We had to
increase the distance to 500 Hz.

To use a broad filter and let the DSP do the filtering is basically wrong.
The AGC will wipe out the flarq signal to the effect that all packets
are damaged and no transfer is possible.

To take advantage of the small bandwidth of PSK63 you need to have a
matched (100 Hz)
filter. If you don't have that it makes more sense to increase the
speed to PSK250.
That has the added advantage of being less frequency-critical.

Just some of the experience we gathered with pskmail...


Rein PA0R

Windows 2000 installation notes

"David Freese" <w1hkj@...>

From Ed, W3NR in a private email.

Well I think I have solved the W2K problem. It seems the vbscript.dll
on a default W2K install will not work. I've spent the last 2 hours on
Google and here is what I found. This gives an explanantion and
provides an updated dll.

I installed the build for 2000 and NBEMS installed without a problem.
It requires a reboot after you install the patch and before you
install NBEMS. I'm also attaching the patch.


Installation testing

"Rich Newsom" <richwa4sxz@...>

I have installed NBEMS to 1-P1MMX Win98SE setup, 1-Win2kPro Celeron800
setup, 1-XPhome Celeron566 setup with no problems. Did the referenced
VBscript to all before the installations. No problems afaik.

My laptop still crashes after a few minutes receive with Vista and XP
both, so I will pull it out and re-install. Error reports filed with
MS for both program crashes as they did a forced close of the program.

So far, so good. I would be interested if there is anyone locally in
2m ssb range that has this setup? Grid here is EM60qj, on coast between
Fort Walton Beach and Navarre, Florida.


Re: KC Area Testing


Dave - THANK YOU (and others programming) for all the hard work to get us to this far!
Larry ~ kb0emb
In a message dated 1/5/2008 9:39:43 PM Central Standard Time, w1hkj@... writes:
Some of your observations are valid for the current flarq release.

I am working on a revision with some logic changes and bug fixes. 
Please monitor this group for announcements of software updates.

Thanks for all of the testing folks.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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Win 98 - UK Activity

"g3zjo" <g3zjo@...>

I use a couple of older machines, 450Mhz and 500Mhz switchable Win98
and XP for less demaning communications tasks.

I have NBEMS installed on Win98 on both machines and all is fine, exept
maybe a 'Runtime Error Overflow' problem which I have reported. It
occured when transfering large photo files and could be a failing of
the old 450MHz machine. Time will tell.

All in all an excelent piece of software for QSO use with the modes

Is there anyone active within VHF range of IO92 in the UK for some

Eddie G3ZJO

Quick Test

"Dennis Zabawa" <kg4rul@...>

I hooked up two computers from soundcard to soundcard with a couple of
patch cables (sort of a null radio) and gave it a quick test. I LOVE
IT!! It worked with well with Thunderbird and OE. I am going to
setup a test between the base and the mobile as soon as I can get a
digital interface built up for the FT-100D. I plan to test it on HF
and VHF, FM in Simplex mode. This sounds like a great deal for text
based communications between our tri-county EOCs. Dependence on a
Linux based platform for functionality like this has been a
non-starter up till now. Glad to see a stable Windoze implementation.

Dennis R. Zabawa KG4RUL
ARRL South Carolina Section, Public Information Coordinator
Berkeley County South Carolina ARES/RACES, Information Officer
W4VEC Volunteer Examiner
Trident Amateur Radio Club (TARC), Charleston, SC
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Instructor, Charleston
County, SC - Team C9B

Testing in KC metro

"Larry" <larrytkc@...>

Good evening,

Quick note of thanks for an interesting suite of software.
A fellow HAM and myself were able to transfer several text files this
evening. A few problems at first (operator induced) but am learning...
Fairly reliable file transfer up to PSK63 however PSK125 & PSK250
seemed to have problem connecting. Wondering if others have noticed
BTW most testing was 2M SSB but we did briefly switch to 2M FM and it
worked great.

Larry ~ kb0emb

KC Area Testing

"n0evh" <n0evh@...>

Hello all,

I was the ham working with KB0EMB. Wanted to add a few details. Even
though we had excellent signals on 2 ssb (we are only 5 miles apart)
we saw alot of repeats on psk63. Sometimes our transceivers stepped
on each other when doing arqs.

I was running an FT-817 and Larry the FT-897. Anyone out there that
has run into anything like this?

With excellent signals I would think repeats of packets would be
rare. We will continue to examine our setup looking for rf or other
audio distortion.

Any ideas or experience out there that can help would be appreciated.

73 John N0EVH

Re: KC Area Testing

w1hkj <w1hkj@...>

Some of your observations are valid for the current flarq release.

I am working on a revision with some logic changes and bug fixes. Please monitor this group for announcements of software updates.

Thanks for all of the testing folks.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Re: NBEMS-1.0.02 posted


The link is in error - directs us to the (now) old version 1.0.01
A working link for v 1.0.02 is 
Larry ~ kb0emb

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NBEMS-1.0.02 posted

w1hkj <w1hkj@...>

I want to thank all of the hams who stepped up to the plate started testing the NBEMS suite. Skip, KH6TY, and I received many reports both good and bad. I know that Skip has been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger working out some of the installation issues. He has kept me isolated to keep plugging away at the code. Where ever possible your reports of bugs, problems and inconsistencies have been addressed in this version.

vbdigi has received some modest code changes to try to catch a few of the remaining "VB error traps". I'm sure that more will show up as the application is used on a wider range of hardware and OS revision levels. Be patient with us as trying to make a single application both install and work properly on everything from W98 to Vista is a formidable task.

flarq has been given the greatest amount of rework. It may not appear that way from the user's perspective, but much of the logic has been changed to make it operate better under marginal s/n conditions. Bench testing and on-air testing always show up different problems.

Please visit here for more information and downloads:

73, Dave, W1HKJ

Re: missing link


Guess the problem is on my end - or AOLs browser that is.
Firefox and IE work FB with your original link.
Did connecting from John NoEVH to my station this afternoon. I have flDIGI installed on 2nd laptop HD using Ubuntu, seems to be quite nice running under Linux. Using beams and Horiz/Vert polarization we managed some weak signal work S0-S1 signal. Great copy!
Larry ~ kb0emb

Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape in the new year.

Re: NBEMS-1.0.02 posted

w1hkj <w1hkj@...>

I just checked the link on all 4 of my computers and it seems intact. Did you need to refresh your browser?


Re: 30M testing

Tom Peterson <tom@...>

Check 10.137, there's been a group playing there for 2 days now. Go to and select Digitalradio at the top of the page, they're using that to organize things while they experiment.


missing link

w1hkj <w1hkj@...>

Just to be sure. I uninstalled NBEMS from the XYL's computer. Went to and downloaded the current NBEMS file and did an install. All of the current versions are intact.



"R. Kevin Stover" <rkstover@...>

I've got fldigi, fllogbook, and sylpheed installed on my Ubuntu
partition. I need to know where I get flarq for Linux. Do I need to
install PSKMail?




Re: FLarq

Ed <autek@...>

R. Kevin Stover wrote:
I've got fldigi, fllogbook, and sylpheed installed on my Ubuntu partition. I need to know where I get flarq for Linux. Do I need to install PSKMail?

Available here:



"julienmervyn" <9z4fz@...>

I have installed the NBEM on a Toshiba 9100 and as well a dell gx 240
the receive is great on psk31 and rtty looking at Egypt on my water
fall as Serbian ,Russia my receive is great but TX it seems no one is
copying me for the amount of stations i call in the last 2 days no

I have been playing around with a ts2000 but i check over the set up
step by step the radio showing TX but no power out i put the radio on
mixw and multipsk great both TX and Rx but on NBEM not getting out any
one have this problem working the ts 2000.