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Hi Dean,

A sound card interface while not absolutely necessary, sure goes a
long ways towards reducing or eliminating ground loop, hum, and RF in
the audio problems that will most likely occur if you make a direct
connection from your rig to the computer sound card. Also, most
computers today have no COM port and most of the communications
software we as hams use requires a COM port, real or virtual. Some of
the more elaborate commercially available interfaces include a USB to
COM port adapter built in with drivers that assign a virtual COM
port. For those that don't, or if you want to build your own sound
card interface (a very simple and rewarding experience if you like to
home-brew), most computer and office supply stores sell a USB to COM
port adapter. Unfortunately some of them provide less than full RS-
232 (COM port) compatibility so you may have to try one or more to
get one that works. For folks new to the Soundcard modes, Randy K7AGE
has made up some great Utube tutorials. Below is the link and I think
you'll find them very informative and useful.

Rick K8CAV

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