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Dean wrote:
Hi, I'm new to the group and to digital as well. I seek any reccomendations you have for the purchase of or adaptaion a to speaker/ mic cable to use w/ NBEMS and a yaesu and or icom mobile. Thanks-Dean
Simplest - shielded cable.
Slightly better - shielded cable with small cap in series.
Better still - 1:1 tiny audio transformer.
(I'm currently using all 3 of these methods for several digital pgms, primarily WSJT).

There are other methods better still, but have not used them.
The standard commercial interface is West Mountain Radio's RigBlaster. MFJ's and others should also work, and all are much more sophisticated than the above.

The simpler you go, the more possible problems with hum. But I've done OK with 4 different rigs & 3 or 4 computers over the past 10 years using very simple (i.e., cheap) stuff. Must work, for I'm up to 500 grids & 73 DXCC countries on 144 MHz.

73, Shelby, W8WN

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