NBEMS questions

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Hello Dave, Skip,

1. Have you considered the use of compression on files, etc. to be transmitted, thus
possibly cutting transmission times by one half?

Simple answer: it would not result in a reduction in transfer time

Long answer: Please read the ARQ specification. All data transmitted within the block must be valid ARQ characters. These are identical to base64 encoding characters. When you compress a file you produce binary data which is 8 bit, not base64. The compressed file would then have to be base64 encoded which has the effect of un-doing the compression.

2. Currently, when stations are disconnected, the displayed data on the receiving
flarq screen disappears. You are probably saving the info in a file.

flarq is a file transfer protocol, and nothing more than that and received data is always saved to a file if the ARQ transfer is successful.

Can you continue to save the data in a file, leave the data displayed in the window,
and have the ability to high-light selected data, right-click on the high-lighted
data, and choose to send the data to a printer. Likewise, the ability to right-click
the received data screen and choose to clear the screen.

The "clear" button does that.

Every incoming file is name iaw with the sending stations file descriptor. Incoming text, binary, and image files are always located in:

incoming emails are located in

The purpose of displaying data on the flarq rx window is solely to give the operator a sense of what is happening. It may or may not represent what is finally put into the file. When sending a binary or image file the rx window will appear to contain random noise as you will be viewing the base64 data stream. The program will convert the base64 data back into its original format.

Windows has some excellent editors with print capability. flarq does not need to duplicate such a fine facility.

Would make life easier for operators .... thinking out loud. :-) 73

Might give the programmer a nervous breakdown :>(

Sorry for so many negative answers.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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