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Here is the current list of programmer, support, and testing teams.  They put their computers and radios at risk by running alpha level programs - they enjoy the process, get to help determine the design, and just want to give back to the world-wide amateur radio community.  A hearty round of applause to all of these folks.  There is no significance to the ordering, it's just the way that the email program built the list.

fldigi team

Bob Christenson, WU9Q
Skip Fleming, NT1G - site moderator
Dave Cooper, VE3IXI - site moderator
David Munn, VK4BDJ
David Karipides, AC7JN
David Bastress, K3GAO
Diane Bruce, VA3DB - FreeBSD fldigi port maintainer
Ed Stout, W3NR - site moderator - the new Linux user's best friend
Gary Meyn, K1YAN
Jason Turning, N6WBL
Jim Haynes, W6JVE
Joe Barr, K1GPL
Joe Veldhuis, N8FQ - contributor to modem code
Leigh Klotz, WA5ZNU - xml code development
Michael Heim, KD0AR
Mike Phipps, KD8DKT
Phil Moore, KD4O
Rick Kunath, K9AO - Linux systems administrator with all the right answers
Skip Teller, KH6TY
Stelios Bounanos, M0GLD - expert Linux programmer / administrator
Victor Alger, K4XTT
Walter Fey, DL8FCL
Walter Giovanni, CX7BF - the RTTY guru
Mike Haynes, N4ZNV
Bill Evans, WD4FNY
Don Walters, W9DKI
Brian Kassel, K7RE
Thomas Beierlein, DL1JBE
Ken Hopper, N9VV
Steve Conklin, AI4QR - Red Hat fldigi RPM maintainer
Hamish Moffatt, VK3SB - Ubuntu gmfsk maintainer, contributed Domino-EX code

Kachina team

Don Jackson, AE5K - Kachina guru
Tom Mandell, W3FRG - principal Kachina tester on Windows
Jim Haynes, W6JVE - the idea man who loaned a Kachina to W1HKJ for over a year

NBEMS / vbdigi team

Skip Teller, KH6TY - co-developer of EMCpup / vbdigi / flarq
David Bastress, K3GAO
Lynn De Hart, KB3FN
Roger Beever, G6CKR

There were countless others who reported problems, requested changes or suggested improvements.  I apologize if I have missed a contributor.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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